Innovation Catalyst
Innovation Catalyst


Ric Pratte


I’m a recovering entrepreneur who likes to learn and build. I’ve transitioned my energy to innovation and continuous improvement with a foundation to help organizational culture.

I’m an innovation catalyst who helps companies discover, validate and implement new opportunities in order to improve their competitive advantage. While most of an organization focuses on execution of the current business model, I’m the person who looks beyond the horizon to uncover new potentials for the business.

I’m fortunate to have started, profitably built and lucratively exited multiple software companies servicing a cross-section of enterprises and industries. I have over 25 years of digital product and business development as well as strategy and implementation planning. I am continually focused on customer experiences, developing solutions and services to provide higher value.

I find my best inspiration comes when I’m not in front of anything digital. Walking our dog Candi is a good start. However, getting creative in my woodshop or being deep in the mountains backpacking or skiing is even better.